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of Poles in India

Aziz, Yasin

Baldwyn, Richard

Bates, MK

Bowmaker, Mary

Brown, Ginny

Caundle, Sarah

Chandra, Ramesh

Cook, GC

Cooke, Cherry

Costeloe, Diney

Dacre, CJ

Davies, Sarah

Emerssen, Jane

Fenn, Lois

Frisby, Terence

Green, Tony

Marie, Martha

Phillips, N. R.

Rivenaes, Ivar

Silvester, Trevor

Thompson, Felicity

Tickner, Susan

Poles in India 1942-1948

Dum Dum Castle

Only Yesterday: Times Of My Life

The Little Girl of the Favela

Is Anybody There…

One Thousand and One Days

The Potters of Halberton

The Kenya Project

Health Care For All

Origins of a Medical Speciality

Torrid Disease

In Search of Sikkim: A Family Pilgrimage to India

Dartmouth Circle


Walking in Darkness: A Miscellany of Sci-fi Shorts

Mummy’s Little Helper

A Necessary Fiction

Cobwebs in Time

Edge of Square Nine

Outrageous Fortune

Poussin’s Humour

Brick by Brick (The Irish Novels Book 3)

The Way of an Eagle

Confessions of an English Bulldog

Wordweaving: The Science of Suggestion

The Kid on Slapton Beach

Holding Back the Tears