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Acland, Simon

Akers, Geoff

Billington, Sandra

Bowden, Christopher

Bowden, Tim

Bowmaker, Mary

Bridges, Vernon

Burnell, Carol

Cassese, Bridgette  

Chandra, Ramesh

Clarke, Dave

Collins, David

Cooke, Cherry

Cook, G C

Costeloe, Diney

Dawn, Carroll

Down, Peter

Edgar, Trudi

Emerssen, Jane

Fenn, Lois

Gimson, Margaret

Grange, McCawley

Hartley, Linda

Haselden, Ursula

Hawkins, Stewart

Hodges, Graham

Hughes, Betty

Kennedy, Andrew K

Knabenbauer, Eva Maria

The Waste Land

Flowers of Evil

Beating for Light

Coming Up for the Third Time

The Green Door

The Red House

The Yellow Room

The Blue Book

Contact Lenses: The Story

Is Anybody There...

Leaning on the Invisible

The Reality of the Unbelievable

The Methuselah Factor

Divided Affections

Black Dove

The Kenya Project

An Ocean Away


A Walk Through Fuerteventura

In Search of Sikkim

Health-Care For All

Torrid Disease

The Ashgrove

Death’s Dark Vale

Evil on the Wind

The Banana Bunch

History of Luminal Gastroenterology

Jack Russell & Company

A Necessary Fiction

A Plain and Simple Truth

Cobwebs in Time

The Magic Mooncat

Eugenio’s New Neighbours

Shula and the Goats From Tala

Some Lessons in Gaelic

Servants of the Sacred Dream

Orchids for Aphrodite

Far, Far The Distant Peak

Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs

Talking to My Selves

The Antique Dealer’s Women


Silent Shadows

Naylor, L A

O’Connor, Garry

Parry, Elisabeth

Pascal, Hélène

Quick, Sarah

Skinner, John


Svendsen, Nanna Aida

Swingler, Nicholas

Tiffen, Mary

Valiente, Dorys Lemus

Judge For Yourself

Chaucer’s Triumph

Thirty Men & a Girl

Two’s Company

Family Ghosts

Henry With an Eye

Tales of Grin

Of Water Lilies and Warm Hearts

An Accidental Life

Friends of Sir Robert Hart

Unfinished Journey