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of Poles in India

Ajmera, Aroon

Akers, Geoff

Amis, John

Baldwyn, Richard

Barcroft, Alasdair

Bates, MK

Bowden, Christopher

Brown, Ginny

Caundle, Sarah

Chandra, Ramesh

Clarke, Phil

Cook, GC

Cooke, Cherry

Costeloe, Diney

Dacre, CJ

Davies, Sarah

Dawn, Carroll  

Emerssen, Jane

Fenn, Lois

Flint, Jeremy


Grange, McCawley

Green, Tony

Harris, Patrick

Hawkins, Stewart

Hilton, Chris

Hoare, Adrian John

Johnston, Michael

Juvenal, translated Richard George

MacAndrew, Amanda

Mackenzie-Blair, Iain

Marie, Martha

McKeown, Maureen

Miller, Paul

Moorcraft, Paul

Mitchell, Mike

Naylor, Lesley

Norman, Beric

O'Connor, Garry

Osborne, Anna Franlin

Parry, Elisabeth

Pascal, Helene

Peel, Wallis

Pharaoh, Gill

Phillips, N. R.

Rivenaes, Ivar

Robin, Michael

Saxby, John

Silvester, Trevor

Tatam, Jane

Thompson, Felicity Fair

Tickner, Susan

Poles in India 1942-1948

Feng Shui and Your Office

Beating for Light

My Music in London 1945–2000

Only Yesterday: Times Of My Life

Aloe Vera: Nature’s Silent Healer

The Little Girl of the Favela

The Blue Book

The Green Door

The Red House

The Yellow Room

One Thousand and One Days

The Potters of Halberton

The Kenya Project

The Deer Shelter

Health Care For All

National Service Fifty Years Ago

Origin of a Medical Speciality

The Rise and Fall of a Medical Specialty

Torrid Disease

In Search of Sikkim: A Family Pilgrimage to India

A Dish Served Cold

The Ashgrove

Death's Dark Vale

Evil on the Wind


Kendal Black

Kiss and Tell

Walking in Darkness: A Miscellany of Sci-fi Shorts

Mummy’s Little Helper

The Banana Bunch

A Necessary Fiction

A Plain and Simple Truth

Cobwebs in Time

Edge of Square Nine

The Magic Mooncat

Looking For the Way

Outrageous Fortune

Some Lessons in Gaelic

Poussin’s Humour

A Long Road Home

In Absolute Secrecy

Far, Far the Distant Peak


A Shilling on Good Friday

Rembrandt Sings

The Satires of Juvenal

Promises to Keep


School Story I (Drift)

School Story II (Blood)

School Story III (Fall)

Brick by Brick (The Irish Novels Book 3)

Move Over

Growing Up

The Extraordinary Case of Sister Ligouri



Leib Weihnachtskuchen and his Child

Judge For Yourself

Mordred’s Version

Holy Crosses & Nazi Flags

Walking Wounded

Thirty Men and a Girl

Two's Company

Birth of the English

Glorious Gloucestershire

Law of the Wild

Sea Gem

Careers in Caring

How to Manage Family Illness at Home

The Way of an Eagle

Annie Rae

At the First Fall of Snow

Confessions of an English Bulldog

Those Who Leave

Tomorrow is Far Away

Kyselak Was Here

The Hand of Chance

Wordweaving: The Science of Suggestion

Salome's Daughters

Hold Tight

The Kid on Slapton Beach

Goodbye Mummy Darling

Holding Back the Tears